Personal Yagna

Personal Yagna

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Yagna is one of the most beautiful and ancient forms of Divine worship and derives from the Vedas. It translates directly as ‘selfless sacrifice for noble purposes.’ As Krishna says in the Gita, Yagna is not only a ceremony, but is a way of living life itself: by offering each action in service to the Divine (Ch. 18 V 66).  

Through powerful Sanskrit mantras, the pujari transforms ordinary fire into the Divine Vibration- into an aspect of God Himself. These fire ceremonies are quite intricate and take at least one hour to perform; the longer the yagna the more powerful it is.

Yagnas are performed for numerous purposes, but are done with the intention to benefit the people present, circumstances being prayed for, surrounding area, and the world at large. 

Yagnas are also performed at all important moments and circumstances in our life.

Upon purchase, you will receive an email from us for information regarding your yagna prayer request. After we receive this information from you, one of the Swamis, Rishi, or bramacharis will perform abhishekam on your behalf or for your loved ones.