Just Love: A Journey into the Heart of God

Just Love: A Journey into the Heart of God

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What is life? Life is a divine gift. How many people know this divinity? How many people know how precious life truly is?

Life has been given so that we may rediscover our true Self, and what lies beyond that. Discovering the Self may seem like the ultimate goal, but there is something even greater. The ultimate bliss is found when we go deeper within that Self and discover the Lord seated within our heart. This is the true aim of life.

Within the heart of every living being, the Lord is waiting, and He has His ways to remind you of His relationship with you. Of course, when your soul goes through lives and lives, you accumulate a different understanding of reality, a different perspective, and you forget about your relationship with Him. But He never forgets about His relationship with you – this is the eternal relationship that your soul has with its Source.

This book was conceived to grant you a uniquely intimate experience of how Paramahamsa Vishwananda masterfully guides seekers throughout the journey of life towards its ultimate fulfilment. No matter what stage of the journey you find yourself in, embark on this ‘Journey into the Heart of God’ with Paramahamsa Vishwananda, let yourself be guided, and awaken your unique Love relationship with God.

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