Course Recording: Mudra Level 1

Course Recording: Mudra Level 1

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Bhakti Marga America - Mudra 1 Course Recording 

TITLE: Mudra Level 1 
DATE: June 2022
TEACHER: Swami Tulsidas 

Have you ever had a physical, emotional or spiritual problem that you just cannot seem to overcome? In this workshop, you will learn 10 easy techniques given by Paramahamsa Vishwananda that will help you transform your unconscious habits and blockages, all while using, directing and cultivating your own energy! 

While we often try to control the mind to transform our problems and create positive change, our ingrained habits, often from many lifetimes, are too deep to change superficially. The key to lasting freedom lies in our heart. This freedom can be achieved by simple tools that direct us from the mind into the Heart. 

In this Mudra, Mantra, and Meditation course you will be given the tools and knowledge on how to bypass the mind and create real, lasting change that will transform your life!

The main purpose of Mudra and Mantra is to increase the focus on the true meaning of life – the realization of the Divinity within. If we are in balance, the life energy can flow freely, blockages are resolved and we realize what we really are: pure Love.