Personal Puja

Personal Puja

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Personal Puja:

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Puja is a simple, yet deep process of worshiping the Divine in physical form known as a murti. 

The energy, positivity, and Love awakened through the worship of the murti doesn't end when the puja is finished, but draws in and deepens our experience of God’s Grace into every aspect of our lives, supporting and deepening our relationship with the Divine within.

Pujas are an essential part of every important step in our life. When we perform puja, every aspect of our daily life becomes touched and transformed by this Love that awakens during puja. 

When we have sone one perform puja on our behalf (or on behalf of those we love), we are actively acknowledging the Divine Grace, and are saying to God, ‘Please be with me. I love you. You are the giver of all; I offer it all back to you with love and reverence.’ 

What is important to us, is also important to God, because God Loves us 1000x more than we love Him. Puja helps to bring Divine Grace into every circumstance, no matter how big or small.

Personal Pujas are performed by Swami Tulsidas or a bramhachari on behalf of the person who has requested the ceremony to be performed.  

Once you have made a donation, you will receive an email from us with a link to a form to fill out the necessary information needed to perform the requested puja.