Bhakti Music Lessons with Sashwatadasananda

Bhakti Music Lessons with Sashwatadasananda

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Nurturing your connection with the divine through the power of music.

Online or In-Person at the Paranitya Narasimha Ashram Available

1 Hour, 1:1 Private Lessons for:

  • Harmonium
  • Voice
  • Mridanga

    First Time? Choose from 4 Lesson or 8 Lesson Package 

    All students for harmonium and mridanga must have the instrument (or keyboard for harmonium) before starting lessons

Unlock your creative potential with personalized 1:1 Bhakti Music Lessons. Students have the opportunity to choose their primary focus from three options: Voice, Harmonium, or Mridangam.

Under the personalized guidance of your teacher, Sashwatadasananda, you will dive deep into the heart your instrument, exploring both its technical and spiritual aspects.

Individualized Learning: Your teacher will meet you where you are at, and help you meet your musical goals. Whether you wish to learn to lead kirtan in a dynamic and engaging way, master the harmonium, or embrace the rhythm of the Mridangam, these 1:1 lessons are entirely customized to your chosen path and goals.


Upon your purchase you will receive an email with a google form that will specify your instrument and goals, as well as a link to schedule your first lesson. All information will be sent to your teacher, Sashwatadasananda, who will be in touch with you shortly. 

About your Teacher:

Sashwatadasananda is a passionate music teacher with a sincere love for Hari Nam. With a Bachelor of Education degree, Sashwatadasananda combines academic expertise with a deep spiritual connection to guide students on a transformative journey through the world of harmonium, mridangam, and voice.

As a music teacher, Sashwatadasananda not only imparts technical skills but also fosters a deeper understanding of the spiritual essence of Kirtan. These lessons are more than just a technical experience; they are a gateway to nurture your heartfelt connection with the divine through the power of music.