Babaji Surya Namaskar - In-person Course Payment

Babaji Surya Namaskar - In-person Course Payment

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Learn Babaji Surya Namaskar! 

 Please use this link to pay for your in-person Babaji Surya Namaskar Class. Your teacher will be in contact with you about the details of your class. 

Babaji Surya Namaskar is a moving meditation and celebrates the divinity of the human body as a temple. The sequence takes only 10-15 minutes a day to practice and brings light and energy into your whole being.

As your daily practice takes root in the core of your body, thinking subsides and your movements become a soft, conscious expression of your inner strength. The practice is easy to learn and a great way to start your day.

Babaji Surya Namaskar works on the whole being. Physically, the practice strengthens your heart and all the major muscle groups in the body. It improves digestion and gives you a boost of energy to sustain you in your busy daily life.

Just a few rounds will help clear your mind and energise your whole being. When the practice is done with love and awareness, every posture becomes a prayer of gratitude for life itself.