Atma Kriya Yoga - In-Person Course - Patterson, NY

Atma Kriya Yoga - In-Person Course - Patterson, NY

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Atma Kriya Yoga In-Person Course


March 16-17

10-5pm both days


Interarts Center

40 Jon Barrett Rd.

Patterson, NY 12563


Kriya Prasadakaya Dasi



Atma Kriya Yoga is one of the most powerful yogic practice in the world today.

Atma Kriya Yoga (AKY), meaning “awareness of the Soul in action”, is a complete yoga and meditation practice.

It has been given by Mahavatar Babaji to Paramahamsa Vishwananda to help us develop, nurture, and expand our connection with the Divine within.

Atma Kriya Yoga embodies the ancient roots of yoga - union with the Divine. It utilizes the heart and calms the mind so that you can hear your inner voice and feel the love that already resides within you.


During this two day in-person training, you will learn 15 meditation and yoga techniques designed to awaken devotion within and jumpstart your spiritual advancement to a whole new level.

These include various asanas, mudras, meditation techniques, pranayamas, om chanting, sound yoga, protective shield, and main Kriya. 

The training ends with the receiving of shaktipat - meaning “decent of Grace” -  a very rare and special initiation into the Kriya lineage. Shaktipat infuses you, and your practice, with the Grace of the Mahavatar Babaji. With this blessing, your practice is assured to be safe and successful. 


Kriyaprasadakaya Dasi has been a student of Paramahamsa Vishwananda since 2008 and an Atma Kriya Yoga teacher since 2014.

Her goal is to help others to discover and deepen the relationship with the eternal, beautiful Love (the Atma) that resides within everyone.

Kriyaprasadakaya Dasi teaches mainly in the North East, USA and also travels to teach courses around the country.


Once initiated into Atma Kriya Yoga, you receive lifetime support from your teacher, plus ongoing trainings for deepening your practice and online community support.


“I started eagerly practicing yoga at age 15, teaching at 19, and essentially ‘fell out of love’ with the physical aspect of the practice. Later on, Atma Kriya gave a completely new life to my relationship with yoga. My previous yoga practices were purposeful in the sense of aligning body, mind, soul, but didn’t emphasize union with God through a devotional relationship. Through the various techniques provided, I feel connected to this Divine essence in a way my previous practices weren’t capable of providing. Atma Kriya was certainly the missing key.”

- Moriah, Colorado 

Atma Kriya Yoga is beneficial to anybody regardless if someone is on the spiritual path or not, regardless of their religious or personal beliefs. AKY is so much more than just mindfulness meditation. What is most beautiful is that it helps you connect with God, Love, and the Source of Life inside and around you. Overall, there are no words to describe it, it is only about what you can experience in your everyday practice.

- Anastasia, Tennessee 
“Despite being earnest in my attempts to meditate prior to learning Atma Kriya Yoga, there was always some lingering doubt or concern that perhaps I wasn’t doing it properly, or perhaps a different technique would be better, etc. etc. But receiving this spiritual practice which was prescribed by a living enlightened Master allowed me to trust it much more fully - which in turn allowed me to enjoy it more fully and go much deeper.“
- Jeremiah, Oregon