Yagna Course with Swami Keshava (APRIL 11th, 2021)

Yagna Course with Swami Keshava (APRIL 11th, 2021)

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The term ‘yagna’ has many meanings:

  • Literally translated means ‘selfless sacrifice for noble purposes.'
  • Yagna also means to worship the Divine - either as an external or an internal ritual – done within one’s own being.
  • Yagna is the name given to a fire ceremony that is conducted where one offers sacrifices into a holy fire – where the fire becomes an aspect of God.

Most yagna fire ceremonies are carried out in the company of a group of people. The aim of a yagna varies, but in essence it is performed to bestow benefit to all people present, the surrounding environment, and the world.

The deity to whom the yagna is being performed is invoked into the fire through meditation and chanting of various sanskrit mantras.

Similar to abhishekam, the yagna ceremony signifies one’s full surrender to the Lord in the form of sacrifice. Just like Krishna says in the Gita (Ch 18, V 66),  “Yagna is not only a ritualistic ceremony but it is the right and best way to live life itself: to offer each action in the service of the Divine.”

The most important offering in the sacred fire is the Love that comes from within our hearts. This enables us to establish this connection of Love which is paramount in surrendering aspects of ego to the beloved deity. Yagna is one of the most powerful tools for transmuting the accumulated karmas that one has built up from one’s past lives.

During the course you will be given a step-by-step manual on how to perform the yagna in the correct manner as well as extra information necessary to understand the most important things about this ceremony.

In addition, you will receive access to audio and video files and other informational material to enhance and simplify your learning and practicing experience. 

APRIL 11th 2021 | 9am PST/12pm EST | 4hrs | $150


To participate in this course, you must first:

    • have a yagna puja plate and all necessary yagna equipment 
    • must have completed the Simple Puja and Abhishekam course
    • NOTE:  Must be a resident of North America