Paranitya Narasimha 24hr Yagna Donation

Paranitya Narasimha 24hr Yagna Donation

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May 23-24 we'll be performing a 24 hour Yagna for Ugra Paranitya Narasimha to celebrate Narasimha Chaturdasi (the day Narasimha appeared 14,000 years ago) at HeartSong Meditation Center. 

The preliminary prayers and bhajans (singing) will begin at 4pm May 23 and we'll start the Yagna at 6pm. For the next 24 hours, all present will have the opportunity to sit around the fire, offer havana samagri, and chant the Narasimha Raja Mantra.

All initiated devotees will also have the opportunity to be the main pujari (offer the ghee) to Ugra Paranitya Narasimha.

We'll finish the yagna at 6pm the next day, culminating in Abhishekam to Paranitya Narasimha, where all present will be able to offer to him directly.

Performing such a long prayer is expensive, donations are welcome. And like always, if you donate for this yagna, you will receive a individual prayer at the end of the yagna.