Jewel of God's Name

Jewel of God's Name

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Immersion into the heart of devotional song & poetry

with Sashwatadasananda 

August 21, 2022
9am PT/ 12pm ET/ 6pm CEST 

Online - or - In-person at the Elmira ashram

Harinaam Chintamani means ‘The Jewel of God’s Name’.

The heart of this course is to be deeply immersed into the many aspects of Harinaam, involving Bhakti philosophies, musical traditions, Divine stories and Devotional poetry.

Expand your perspective of kirtan and bhajan through a process of knowing its rich historical context, practice of ragas, and interactive singing of beautiful bhajans.

Explore the lives and poetry of famous Bhakti Saints who helped to spur the Bhakti movement throughout India, from the first Alvars to later Devotional Poets such as Meerabai and Tukaram.

With a deepened understanding and experience into Harinaam, one’s personal connection to the Divine will more easily shine through singing of kirtan.