Donate to the North American Center

Donate to the North American Center

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“Living Bhakti is not only the little time one is sitting and praying, Living Bhakti means each moment of one’s life.” – Paramahamsa Vishwananda


We are thrilled to share with you about the new developments for the new Spiritual Home of North America!

Guruji, in His magical, masterful way, has changed the plan in North America and accelerated the creation of a main center here by several years!  He has approved a property for us all to begin creating our new Spiritual Home – a headquarters for BMNA and beautiful meditation center overlooking the bay, and mystical sunsets, in beautiful Washington State.

Easily accessible from Seattle, Vancouver, and Bellingham airports, this headquarters is the first of its kind in Bhakti Marga history. It's very special main Deity in the Meditation Center, Paranitya Narasimha, will make it a first in the world as well.

Donations are tax deductible in the USA.