Colorado/Midwest Community Satsang

Colorado/Midwest Community Satsang

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1st Thursday of the month
6:00pm MST

*Please check your email for the link to the Telegram Channel that will host your information.

Join your local community in a live Q&A sessions with Swami Tulsidas. By learning more about the path of bhakti and connecting with your own community simultaneously, each community has the opportunity to get direct guidance to both individual and collections questions, goals, and aspirations. 

The Importance of Giving

As a monk, Swami Tulsidas is able to provide these Satsangs and sustain himself through the donations of each event offered. By giving a donation, no matter the amount, an energetic exchange takes place that balances out what has been received. We ask you to please give what you feel you can, as it is the goal to offer the Satsangs for everyone. 

How to Access the Community Satsang

The Satsangs here are generally done in a question and answer format via ZOOM video conferencing (download ZOOM here).  Once you have made a donation, you will be sent an e-mail confirmation giving you a link to a group chat on Telegram (a free messaging application). This link will provide you with further information and the opportunity to ask your question(s) for consideration during the Satsang. If you are unable to join the live-feed, you will still be able to access a video & audio recording of the event with your Telegram link.