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Bhakti Marga 2021 Calendar (LIMITED SUPPLY)

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Bhakti Marga 2021 Calendar. Temples of Bhakti Marga Worldwide.

Paramahamsa Sri Swami Vishwananda said that Temples remind us of the real purpose of life: to build a personal relationship with God.

Serving Gurudev's mission in this way, Bhakti Marga devotees maintain temples in countries all over the world, allowing people to build their unique and special divine relationship without having to travel too far from home.

You are always welcome to come visit the deities in these temples, join in prayers, participate in events, and meet the wonderful people that have dedicated their lives to serving the Divine.

Our 2021 calendar features 12 Bhakti Marga temples located in a wide variety of countries all over the world.

Each month you will see:

  • Photos of the featured temple and their main deities
  • Full moon days
  • Ekadashi fasting days (check local times)
  • Major events and festivals held at the Ashram
  • Remembrance days of Hindu saints
  • Space to write in your appointments