Atma Kriya Yoga Meditation Immersion With Swami Tulsidas (Europe/Africa/Americas)

Atma Kriya Yoga Meditation Immersion With Swami Tulsidas (Europe/Africa/Americas)

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*This immersion is open only for those who participated in the AKY Immersion in November 2020*

Swami Tulsidas would like to take us on the next step in our journey of immersing ourselves in the Grace of Atma Kriya Yoga. The November 2020 Immersion focused on lectures, with little time for meditation. This one will be more experiential. The focus will be on deepening our meditation. There will be a short lecture in the beginning, and for the rest of the course Swami will guide us in meditation.

What Swami will share in this AKY Meditation Immersion will be much more than what he is able to do in the Wednesdays advanced practices.


Date and time:

EUROPE, AFRICA AND AMERICAS: Sunday, March 7th, 2021, 9am Seattle, 2pm Buenos Aires, 6pm Germany

Duration: 3hrs

Contribution: starting at $40. This price was set so that it can accommodate people from all financial situations. If you can give more, please choose one of the other options upon checkout.

Important: Check your email after making your payment (including spam folders). You will receive a link that you will need to copy-paste in your web browser.  It will take you to a new telegram group for this AKY Meditation immersion. Follow the instructions in the email.