Abhishekam Course with Nishkaladasananda

Abhishekam Course with Nishkaladasananda

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with Nishkaladasananda

February 11, 2023
9am-1pm PST
12pm-4pm ET
6pm-10pm CET 

Online Via Zoom 
In-Person at the Paranitya Narasimha Ashram

*Lifetime access to recording will be available to all who register*

The Abhishekam ceremony itself represents one’s complete surrender to the Divine and is one of the most beautiful ceremonies that exists.

It helps bring one in tune with one’s chosen deity and to bring one into communion with the Divine.

The ceremony brings benefit to yourself and to all present during the ceremony and the surrounding space in which the ceremony takes place.

This course gives the individual a good grounding and understanding of the symbolism and purpose of Abhishekam.

Ideal for those people who really want to learn how to take care of their beloved deity by doing abhishekam, this course is taught in a very simple-to-understand way for all those bhaktas wishing to go deeper and connect to their personal deity through this sadhana.

The course includes a booklet with everything you need to know to conduct an abhishekam. It is a step-by-step guide through the prayer, as well as the most important rules to follow and the symbolic meaning behind each offering.

In addition, you will receive access to audio and video files and other informational material to enhance and simplify your learning and practicing experience. 


To participate in this course, you must first:

    • It is best to have a puja plate and necessary abhishekam tools (you will receive an email with a list of materials for the abhishekam. These may be purchased at a local store or online). 
    • Have a murti of your chosen deity
    • Must have completed the Simple Puja course (recording available for purchase)
    • Access to ZOOM if attending online