24 hour Yagna for Paranitya Narasimha’s 10th Jayanti

24 hour Yagna for Paranitya Narasimha’s 10th Jayanti

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You are invited to Paranitya Narasimha’s 10th Jayanti Celebration! 


When: December 21-22 2021

Where: Join LIVE in Winter Park, FL OR Via Livestream! 

Ten years ago, on December 22, Paramahamsa Vishwananda changed history by materializing Paranitya Narasimha out of His Heart, revealing this secret, glorious form of Narasimha to the world for the first time! 

We will be celebrating this special day with a 24 hour yagna for Paranitya Narasimha and are thrilled to be able to invite all who wish to attend, either in person or via livestream. 

The 24 hour Yagna will start at 4pm on Dec 21 going all night long and into the evening of Dec 22 (Paranitya Narasimha was materialized in the evening).

All initiated devotees will have some time to offer ghee sometime during the yagna.

If you would like to simply express your gratitude and love to Paranitya Narasimha on His appearance day, you may make a donation as a gift to Him here.

And if you would like to join in person please fill out the following form:


Swami Tulsidas will be reaching out to those who plan to come with more information as the time gets closer.

We all hope you will be able to join us in celebrating Paranitya Narasimha's 10th Jayanti!