North American Ashram

Loving the Divine gives us the courage to shed expectations and fears so we can be our authentic True Self.  Divine Love gives the freedom to be who you really are. 

Our Satguru, Swami Vishwananda, has a vision for an Ashram in North America, which he would like us to help Him accomplish within the next 3 years.  As a Foundation, the mission of Bhakti Marga USA is to raise the funds as well as attract and sustain a team of individuals who can help accomplish this vision.  We aim to raise $108,000 from now till the end of the year 2019, in order to start working towards this objective.

Why an Ashram in the USA?
The Ashram will be a home for devotees and anyone else who wants to experience the joy of loving God. When one intimately experiences the love of God, one’s life changes.  The aim is to create a physical community in the United States that will be open to all who want to develop a loving and personal relationship with the Divine. The heart of this Ashram will be a Temple dedicated to Narashima. 

The Ashram will consist of a structure (or a series of structures) ideally on several acres of land where we can encourage some farming for the Ashram to be self-sustaining, at least in part.  In time, it may also be a place where cows are rescued.  It will be an example of how to live in harmony with mother nature and show our love and respect for mother earth.

As the educational and energetic beacon for growing one’s intimate and personal relationship with the Divine the ashram will provide opportunities to experience the lifestyle of a devotee of the Lord, a bhakta, in the following ways:

Vegan eating and pure water - Daily meditation - Traditional Hindu prayers - Study of the scriptures - Devotional singing - Sustainable building and farming - Experience loving the Divine in yourself and others - Grow loving connections with others who are searching for the same thing

Please join us in making this vision possible.

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