Meditation Hall Benefactor 2021

Meditation Hall Benefactor 2021

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Commit to Yourself and God this Holiday Season!

By becoming a Meditation Hall Benefactor, you are making a pledge to the mission of Paramahamsa Sri Swami Vishwananda. As this will be the flagship Center of Bhakti Marga North America, your continuous contribution lays the foundation for this first and main spiritual center that will benefit countless of people for generations to come. 

Thus far, extensive planning and physical labor has been done to make this request from Guruji a reality that will be nothing short of spectacular - the meditation hall will be home the largest Lord Narasimha murti in all of North America.

In order to achieve this feat, the financial support is a necessity to build this one-of-a-kind meditation hall set in the majestic Pacific Northwest. 


"By giving to help build a temple of God you bring God's love and grace to others. God always reciprocates such service until the end of time."

Select your Level of contribution to be given at once or distributed across 6 months:

Level 1: $1000 a month for six months 
Level 2: $500 a month for six months
Level 3: $250 a month for six months
Level 4: $150 a month for six months
Level 5: $50 a month for six months
Level 6: $20 a month for six months

This year we have some exciting incentives!  Our level 1 and 2 donors will receive a 10% discount code for all of Swami Tulsidas and HeartSong sponsored workshops. All donors will be included in a special privately broadcasted Paranitya Narashima yagna and have their names included in the altar.

Just as "many hands make light work," every person who becomes a Benefactor makes it that much closer for this goal to be attained. Each Level of the Meditation Hall Benefactor program gives one the opportunity to take part in this auspicious occasion that in actuality, gives more back to the one who donates than what can be given. By becoming a Benefactor, you automatically receive the grace of the spiritual practices performed at the Center as this becomes something you have helped build through your support. 

There is no better time than now to invest in the future of Bhakti Marga North America, as it is only through Love - Divine Love - that each person can be transformed and experience the totality of God in a world searching for answers. We request you today, if you feel it in your heart, to become an Ashram Benefactor at the Level you feel most comfortable with, to be part of something bigger than yourself - bigger than all of us combined - the foundation of Paramahamsa Vishwananda's mission in North America. 

You can learn more at:

Thank you and Jai Gurudev!