Atma Kriya Yoga Immersion -  EUROPE & AFRICA (JUNE 19th)

Atma Kriya Yoga Immersion - EUROPE & AFRICA (JUNE 19th)

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June 19th

@10am SPN time

@12pm Mauritius time

Contribution: The suggested donation is $60. However, as we wish to make this available to everyone, a low-income donation of $40 has been provided. Please keep in mind,  this is a 6 hour course! For so many hours of teaching and preparation, we ask that you donate according to the time and effort put into this course for you. Thank you. 

“Atma Kriya Yoga is about the Love relationship between us and God. In this Love relationship that we have with the Divine, try to lose yourself into it. God will become the most important thing. This is our sole aim and the only thing is to achieve and realize this Love of God.”- Paramahamsa Vishwananda  

Atma Kriya Yoga is more than just a meditation practice or a set of techniques. As Mahavatar Babaji said, “Whoever practices Atma Kriya Yoga sincerely, this will be their last life.” 



During this Immersion Course, Swami Tulsidas will take you to the core of Atma Kriya Yoga, so that you can gain a deeper understanding of this amazing practice and fall more and more in love with it everyday. Through lectures and guided meditations, Swamiji will guide you on how to nurture your eternal relationship of love with God through Atma Kriya Yoga. This course is perfect for any Atma Kriya Yoga practitioner who is looking for renewed inspiration, to go deeper into the beauty of this meditation and unlock its true power.

The online format of the Immersion Course helps every practitioner to have access to the depth of knowledge and love Swamiji has for Atma Kriya Yoga that Paramahamsa Sri Swami Vishwananda and Mahavatar Babaji have given to the world. 


Swami Tulsidas has been the main teacher trainer for Atma Kriya Yoga for many years. He learned Atma Kriya Yoga directly from Guruji in 2007 the first time it was ever taught to the world. It is one of Swamiji’s biggest joys in his service to Guruji, to share the love and knowledge of Atma Kriya Yoga with everyone he meets.

Duration: 6hrs

Important: Check your email after making your payment (including spam folders). You will receive a link that you will need to copy-paste in your web browser.  It will take you to a new telegram group for this AKY Meditation immersion. Follow the instructions in the email.

ONLY for people who already practice Atma Kriya Yoga!



"The Atma Kriya Yoga Immersion with Swami Tulsidas was profound and has allowed me to go much deeper with my practice. I now have a much greater appreciation for Atma Kriya Yoga and its consistent message which is very inclusive and non-judgmental. Though it is based in Hinduism, its message of “just love” transcends all dogma. Swami Tulsidas is so down to earth and relaxed in his approach to practice. It is less about doing things “right” and more about intent, which is really the point. The retreat really opened my mind and my heart, even more so in the days following. ❤️ I was kind of hesitant to participate in the past but now I cannot wait to do it again!" - Liz, USA



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